Wiggins And His Illustrated Past

The recent news about the review being conducted on Sir Bradley Wiggins and others on the kind of medical supervision they received and whether the drugs that he used as per his therapeutic use were as per the existing norms.

There is more scrutiny being made of any earlier use of drugs that might have not been revealed till now. While there is much debate whether such scrutinizes should be made of stars who have gained much for their country in the past years, it will definitely pave a way for British Cycling and other authorities to streamline the medical tests and practices that should govern this sport for the country’s sportsmen and women.

All that said Sir Bradley Wiggins, a title that he received for his several Olympic and other accolades in the sport, is now in retirement mode. The fifth gold that he won in the Olympics was in the British Team Pursuit in 2016. He also raced with Cavendish in the Madison event where they gained the second world title. If Cavendish had not experienced a crash they would have been able to reach the finish line for a significant win.

Wiggins focused on training for Olympics through the spring of 2016. The same year he took part in the Six Days of Ghent in the month of November after which he announced his retirement. His current activities work around building the team Wiggins and helping them train. He also is focusing on building and training a women’s team. He was proud that he had proven the idiom of kids from Kilburn isn’t winning Olympic Gold and other titles wrong. Indeed, it was a great career of a Briton that was ended by his retirement decision. The leaking of some evidence of the use of banned substances by a group of hackers has raised questions about his use of banned substances for therapeutic use and that is being reviewed now.