Tour of Matabungkay 2014: Kenyan Rider Unfortunately Dies Because of An Accident

Tour of Matabungkay is the most awaited cycling event of Asia which is held in Philippines every year. The 2014 Tour of Matabungkay was organized from the 17th of October, 2014 to the 19th of October, 2014 in Batangas, Philippines. Around five hundred cyclists were participating in the tour this year.
On the 18th of October, 2014 (the second day of the tour) John Muya Njoroge (Kenyan biker) unfortunately died because of an accident in which he crashed against a car. The accident took place at around 10:00-10:30am in the morning in Barangay Sapang II on Governors Drive during the Tour of Matabungkay. Many other foreign and local cyclists were present there when the accident took place.
John Muya Njoroge was a professional bike racer from Kenya whose age was thirty. He was a married man who had a small baby boy. Njoroge was known for his continuous participation in the Tour of Rwanda and he had even stood third in the 2012 Tour of Rwanda. He had also participated in the Tropical Amissa Bongo.
The Kenyan rider suffered from certain body and head injuries because of which he was taken to the nearest hospital called Naic Doctors Hospital, where it was declared that he is dead as the injuries sustained by him were extremely severe.
The car driver named Carl Hector Agoncillo Rustia aged thirty-five was arrested by the police immediately after the accident had taken place.
On the 19th of October, 2014 (last day of the Tour of Matabungkay), the race managers and organizers prepared for a non-competitive and neutral cycling ride which was headed by Kenyan riders in order to honor the loss of John Muya Njoroge.
The Kenyan team is going to look after the wife and the kid of John Muya Njoroge so that they can cope with the loss suffered.