Sunita Dhote States That Cycling Is Like Liberty

The Asian record holder Sunita Dhote who is a professor at a college of engineering and technology was felicitated at the office of Nagpur for holding the record of longest expedition of cycling. She was a good student herself with a cheerful personality.

The fact remains that being the holder she is not an avid cyclist. She is not the one who participated in the marathons of cycling for that matter. In 2011 she had cycled her way from Mumbai to Goa. She wanted to set new records which would not be set by anybody else and that was the only factor which kept her going. She is well a swimming champion as well and when asked whether she could really ride the cycle she confidently stated that she could. The entire expedition was made in a hurry and to complete 1412 kms in seven days is no mean feat. By 14thof November she had to anyhow reach there.

She never doubted her credibility that she could not reach there on time rather she was plain confident about it and took up the challenge which was a liberating experience for her as she herself stated that. The CM of Puducherry gave her the trophy. It is an inspiration for all who want to try and succeed in life. The entire expedition was like a picnic to her. Her mood can be described as a free spirited mood which had no boundaries.

She is been honoured and that is what matters the most. If some achievement of great stamina goes away without being noticed then it casts a wrong shadow on the part of cycling federation. In her case the state was also welcome to acknowledge her feat and give her the gift which she deserved.