Millar accuses UCI

Britain’s renowned cyclist, David Millar thinks that UCI (International Cycling Union) lacked the leadership to prevent the doping culture. Millar thinks that UCI must come forward and take some responsibilities regarding the existing doping culture in cycling.
The UCI Head, Pat McQuaid, recently told Millar in a conversation that they have got nothing to do with the doping culture but Millar said that it was not true and he thought they must apologize for this ill-culture. David Millar, the four time Tour de France stage winner reported that UCI must come up with some leadership to stop this culture. Millar, who himself went through a two-year doping ban back in 2004, told McQuaid that there should be an informal and frank discussion about the things that went wrong in the past. He also asserted that UCI has been giving a wrong impression to the cycling world by avoiding the responsibilities.
Millar strongly felt that UCI must apologize for taking a donation from Lance Armstrong to buy an anti-doping machine back in 2002. He thinks it is really disgraceful for the cycling world to accept donation from a cyclist who has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles by the USADA. Millar said that it was a horrible mistake made by the UCI and now that Armstrong is banned from the International arena they should apologize in public for making that mistake.

Mcquaid recently stated that UCI wouldn’t be appealing against the USADA decision on Armstrong case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He asserted that USADA would justify their reasons to ban Armstrong in their report which is due soon. David Millar welcomed the step of UCI of not going to CAS for the Armstrong case and said that it’s going to be a great decision if they could stick to it.