Cycling Fever Grips London

Infrastructure of cycling has been pouring with investment from Boris Johnson in London whereas in other cities there is no standardized scheme of transport.

The urge today is of sustainable transportation which is provided by cycling. Britain is surely hailed as the nation of cyclists since the success of Olympics in 2012. Bradley Wiggins was named as the personality of the year by BBC Sports.

The number of people rose in London who cycle to the inner areas of London. The indicators show that London is doing everything right and part of the credit goes to the large investments which are made. Sustrans which is a charity that works towards the promotion of sustainable transportation does a great job in it. The head of the policy, Claire Francis also feels that London shows the way for other cities to follow. There have been many superhighways meant for cycling in London which is similar to Netherlands. The fever of cycling is soon catching up the masses of elites as well.

Outside of London the government is trying their level best to catch up with the city of London. More power to the local council will help in solving the problem. The cycles need to be made stylish and in accordance with the people to drive. The resources and tools have to be provided to the local councils to make the necessary changes. The fund can help in the growth of sustainable transport in other parts of London. Francis is optimistic that change is going to occur throughout London. Francis states that cycling is imperative for all those who yearn for a prospering economy, better health and less of traffic congestion on the roads. Backing the cyclists paves a safe haven for the other transporters as well as the riders of cyclists.