Actions Taken By Police Against Riders On Pavements

Every cyclist that is caught to be riding on the pavements of Blackpoolhas to pay a fine of £100 and will be offered a seat in the course that the council runs on road safety.

The Blackpool police claim that the cyclists who ride on such pavements are a danger to the pedestrians as there is always a risk of collision among them.

As per a report in Blackpool Gazette, the officers in police have already stopped more than 25 cyclists on Whitegate Drive and that too on the first day that the operation started. Each of them was let go with a warning that they will have to pay the fine the next time they are caught.

PC Steve Jones, the beat manager of Community told the Gazette that the real concern on Whitegate Drive are the elderly people who are scared of the riders that pedal along the pavement really fast making the chances of collision and accident easier. He said that before implementing a big fine on them, it is best to educate them and warn them at first. Even though they could just have taken steps for such doing, they found it best to make them aware of the problems being created.

A free course run by the council has been offered to the 25 riders who were stopped in order to increase their confidence of riding on the road. It is illegal to ride on the pavement and the educational approach is believed to be the best by Councillor John Jones to ensure that there is no repetition of this. He said that is the best idea to develop the confidence among the riders to ride on the road and this seems to be a very effective way.