Wiggins And His Illustrated Past

The recent news about the review being conducted on Sir Bradley Wiggins and others on the kind of medical supervision they received and whether the drugs that he used as per his therapeutic use were as per the existing norms.

There is more scrutiny being made of any earlier use of drugs that might have not been revealed till now. While there is much debate whether such scrutinizes should be made of stars who have gained much for their country in the past years, it will definitely pave a way for British Cycling and other authorities to streamline the medical tests and practices that should govern this sport for the country’s sportsmen and women.

All that said Sir Bradley Wiggins, a title that he received for his several Olympic and other accolades in the sport, is now in retirement mode. The fifth gold that he won in the Olympics was in the British Team Pursuit in 2016. He also raced with Cavendish in the Madison event where they gained the second world title. If Cavendish had not experienced a crash they would have been able to reach the finish line for a significant win.

Wiggins focused on training for Olympics through the spring of 2016. The same year he took part in the Six Days of Ghent in the month of November after which he announced his retirement. His current activities work around building the team Wiggins and helping them train. He also is focusing on building and training a women’s team. He was proud that he had proven the idiom of kids from Kilburn isn’t winning Olympic Gold and other titles wrong. Indeed, it was a great career of a Briton that was ended by his retirement decision. The leaking of some evidence of the use of banned substances by a group of hackers has raised questions about his use of banned substances for therapeutic use and that is being reviewed now.


Andy Schleck, former Luxembourg professional cyclist was clocked driving in Frisangfe in his native Luxembourg at a speed zone of 84kmh (52mph) in a 50kmh (31mph) zone sometime in August 2015.

Due to this, he was handed a ban from driving for a one-month period, and asked to pay a fine as well.
However, he lodged an appeal in other to rescind the ban placed on him, as he needed to drive to his work place.

The case led to a protracted legal process but recently, it seems it has been laid to rest. Schleck has now heard that the driving ban placed on him has been suspended.

But according to the conditions of the ban suspension, the case would remain on file for a period of five years. Where Schleck is caught speeding again within that time frame, it will come into force.

Schleck had opened his bike shop after retiring in 2014 from professional cycling. The bike shop named after him, Andy Schleck Cycles began business in February 2016 and is located in Itzig, Luxembourg. He also runs training camps as well apart from the shop.

In August that same year, an electrical fire caused some damage to the bike shot thus setting the business aback for a while. However, by September, he had it all fixed it up and reopened once again for business.

In the 2010 edition of the Tour de France, Schleck emerged as the winner of the event. In 2009 and 2011, he ended up as a runner-up. Three individual stages in the race was also won by him and in 2007, he was the runner up in his first ever Grand Tour outing. In 2009, he won the Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

His brother, Frank Schleck retired in 2016 from professional cycling.


In a bid to make way for the new generation of manufacturers with fresher innovation, the founder of the world’s largest cycle maker King Liu has announced his retirement.

The head of the cycle maker Giant has decided to retire and allow newer heads to run the company. As from January 1 2017, the company will be run by young liu in his position as the new chief executive officer with Bonnie Tu acting as the new chairman. The 82-year old Tapei King Liu announced his retirement together with that of the organization’s long time chief executive – Tony Lo.

The company had made this announcement in a press conference that was held after a board meeting of directors. The announcement stated that the company’s chief financial officer and executive vice president, Tu will take on a new position as the chairman of the company while king’s only son young Liu who is currently the company’s chief operating officer will be taking on a new position as the chief executive officer starting from January 1 2017.

Tu who is king’s niece had made the announcement in Tapei at the press conference saying:

“Our company’s new leader ship will shift from the strong and centralized management over the past four decades to a more professional teamwork style.”

He explained that in the new management system, every member will be assigned an important role, he likened the future management of Giant to a team in the tour de France where every member is important.

“In a world that is full of uncertainties, it is better to do some new things, otherwise it’s likely that we will lag behind,” he added.

Young Liu has expressed his opinion about the management transition, he said the company had elected 14 executives in October as a means to initiate the transition, these new executives are to be in charge of functions like; manufacturing, legal affairs, sales and marketing. He added that he wishes to turn Giant into a customer service oriented organization with e-commerce platforms.

Rui Costa to re-prioritize Tour de France’s stage wins

Rui Costa told that he would be reverting to his earlier aim of prioritizing stage victories in Tour de France instead of making it overall his top target – as has been the event for the past 2 summers.

The most successful Tour de France of Rui was in the year 2013, when he got 2 big Alpine stage victories. But in the year 2014, when the then world champ started to aim the overall assortment, he had to quit as of pneumonia and after in the year 2015, he deserted after a crash in which he hurt his leg and back.

At this point of time, even though the GC is not wholly been forgotten, Rui is switching towards an alternate strategy for July. He told that he would alter his plans there, and attempt to go for a stage victory.

As of now, this season, Costa has been in the line for a victory, with 5th at Oman, tenth at the Paris-Nice where he was 7th in the toughest 2 mountain stages, and eleventh on the first stage of Vuelta al País Vasco. At this point of time though, he stays on the hunt for his 1st victory since winning that Portuguese road-race award back in the middle of 2015.

Costa said that his condition is better than he expected, to judge by yesterday. The 1st stage is always a fast, very complicated one and it was good.

Mark Cavendish makes himself available for Team GB’s Olympic squad

Great Britain cyclist Mark Cavendish has taken another step towards a possible conjure for an Olympic medal in Rio by making himself formally available for selection following a meeting in Italy along with the team management of Great Britain after the recent track world events in London, UK.

It is now up to the section panel whether they would select him and recommend it to the British Olympic Association. The team will be finalized on June. Mark has revealed that he would prefer to ride the 6 event omnium for Great Britain, but he would also have to prove himself in team pursuit, where the omnium rider would be required to ride one round at least.

Shane Sutton, the Great Britain technical director, told that they told him to go away and think about whether he wanted to put himself up for selection. He got up to the bronze medal position at one point in the omnium in London; and given he ended in top 5 in the worlds he wants to put himself forward.

Sutton told that he felt the cycling world had seen two different Cavendishes, who are very different from each other. Wiggins told that the way he rode the Madison was totally different. In the omnium he was not confident enough, he was really worried about holding onto what he had. He believes that Mark would be in Rio and he wanted want him there.

Cycling Fever Grips London

Infrastructure of cycling has been pouring with investment from Boris Johnson in London whereas in other cities there is no standardized scheme of transport.

The urge today is of sustainable transportation which is provided by cycling. Britain is surely hailed as the nation of cyclists since the success of Olympics in 2012. Bradley Wiggins was named as the personality of the year by BBC Sports.

The number of people rose in London who cycle to the inner areas of London. The indicators show that London is doing everything right and part of the credit goes to the large investments which are made. Sustrans which is a charity that works towards the promotion of sustainable transportation does a great job in it. The head of the policy, Claire Francis also feels that London shows the way for other cities to follow. There have been many superhighways meant for cycling in London which is similar to Netherlands. The fever of cycling is soon catching up the masses of elites as well.

Outside of London the government is trying their level best to catch up with the city of London. More power to the local council will help in solving the problem. The cycles need to be made stylish and in accordance with the people to drive. The resources and tools have to be provided to the local councils to make the necessary changes. The fund can help in the growth of sustainable transport in other parts of London. Francis is optimistic that change is going to occur throughout London. Francis states that cycling is imperative for all those who yearn for a prospering economy, better health and less of traffic congestion on the roads. Backing the cyclists paves a safe haven for the other transporters as well as the riders of cyclists.

Jacques Janse Van Rensburg aiming at podium finish in 2015 Tour of Oman

Jacques Janse Van Renseburg, the 27 year old South African racing Cyclist who rides for the MTN-Qhubeka team is currently in full form and he is hopeful of becoming successful in the Tour of Oman.

He became the winner of South African National Road Race. Earlier this February, he became the winner of the third place in the African Championships.

Van Rensburg thinks that he will be able to perform as well as the race favourites in the Tour of Oman and even secure a place in the Overall category. According to him, a Podium finish is not an impossible task at all for him.

He has said that it is possible that the competition will indeed prove to be a difficult one for his team but he thinks that if circumstances remain in their favour then they will be able to win. About one of his fellow team members, 22 years old Louis Meintjes, he has said that so far his performance has been good and it is likely that he will be able to win ‘White Jersey’. He said that the team will put in a lot of effort for a podium finish and also to win the white jersey.

He said that the 18th February’s race was good for him and Meintjes. He said that Majka and Valverde are tough riders and further added that he is confident about a good result in the next day’s race. He said that they will indeed be able to get a very good result. Winning the Tour of Oman is one of the major objectives of Janse van Rensburg for this season.

The leader of the race, Fabian Cancellara is ten seconds ahead of Van Rensburg and Louis Meintjes. Janse van Rensburg expressed his eagerness for riding in the next day’s race. He said that he was eager about participating in this race right after he received the invitation. He said that he considered this race to be a suitable one for him.

Actions Taken By Police Against Riders On Pavements

Every cyclist that is caught to be riding on the pavements of Blackpoolhas to pay a fine of £100 and will be offered a seat in the course that the council runs on road safety.

The Blackpool police claim that the cyclists who ride on such pavements are a danger to the pedestrians as there is always a risk of collision among them.

As per a report in Blackpool Gazette, the officers in police have already stopped more than 25 cyclists on Whitegate Drive and that too on the first day that the operation started. Each of them was let go with a warning that they will have to pay the fine the next time they are caught.

PC Steve Jones, the beat manager of Community told the Gazette that the real concern on Whitegate Drive are the elderly people who are scared of the riders that pedal along the pavement really fast making the chances of collision and accident easier. He said that before implementing a big fine on them, it is best to educate them and warn them at first. Even though they could just have taken steps for such doing, they found it best to make them aware of the problems being created.

A free course run by the council has been offered to the 25 riders who were stopped in order to increase their confidence of riding on the road. It is illegal to ride on the pavement and the educational approach is believed to be the best by Councillor John Jones to ensure that there is no repetition of this. He said that is the best idea to develop the confidence among the riders to ride on the road and this seems to be a very effective way.

Sunita Dhote States That Cycling Is Like Liberty

The Asian record holder Sunita Dhote who is a professor at a college of engineering and technology was felicitated at the office of Nagpur for holding the record of longest expedition of cycling. She was a good student herself with a cheerful personality.

The fact remains that being the holder she is not an avid cyclist. She is not the one who participated in the marathons of cycling for that matter. In 2011 she had cycled her way from Mumbai to Goa. She wanted to set new records which would not be set by anybody else and that was the only factor which kept her going. She is well a swimming champion as well and when asked whether she could really ride the cycle she confidently stated that she could. The entire expedition was made in a hurry and to complete 1412 kms in seven days is no mean feat. By 14thof November she had to anyhow reach there.

She never doubted her credibility that she could not reach there on time rather she was plain confident about it and took up the challenge which was a liberating experience for her as she herself stated that. The CM of Puducherry gave her the trophy. It is an inspiration for all who want to try and succeed in life. The entire expedition was like a picnic to her. Her mood can be described as a free spirited mood which had no boundaries.

She is been honoured and that is what matters the most. If some achievement of great stamina goes away without being noticed then it casts a wrong shadow on the part of cycling federation. In her case the state was also welcome to acknowledge her feat and give her the gift which she deserved.

Tour of Matabungkay 2014: Kenyan Rider Unfortunately Dies Because of An Accident

Tour of Matabungkay is the most awaited cycling event of Asia which is held in Philippines every year. The 2014 Tour of Matabungkay was organized from the 17th of October, 2014 to the 19th of October, 2014 in Batangas, Philippines. Around five hundred cyclists were participating in the tour this year.
On the 18th of October, 2014 (the second day of the tour) John Muya Njoroge (Kenyan biker) unfortunately died because of an accident in which he crashed against a car. The accident took place at around 10:00-10:30am in the morning in Barangay Sapang II on Governors Drive during the Tour of Matabungkay. Many other foreign and local cyclists were present there when the accident took place.
John Muya Njoroge was a professional bike racer from Kenya whose age was thirty. He was a married man who had a small baby boy. Njoroge was known for his continuous participation in the Tour of Rwanda and he had even stood third in the 2012 Tour of Rwanda. He had also participated in the Tropical Amissa Bongo.
The Kenyan rider suffered from certain body and head injuries because of which he was taken to the nearest hospital called Naic Doctors Hospital, where it was declared that he is dead as the injuries sustained by him were extremely severe.
The car driver named Carl Hector Agoncillo Rustia aged thirty-five was arrested by the police immediately after the accident had taken place.
On the 19th of October, 2014 (last day of the Tour of Matabungkay), the race managers and organizers prepared for a non-competitive and neutral cycling ride which was headed by Kenyan riders in order to honor the loss of John Muya Njoroge.
The Kenyan team is going to look after the wife and the kid of John Muya Njoroge so that they can cope with the loss suffered.